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Beating the Perfection Paralysis

Have you ever felt so defeated because you felt as though you weren't 100% perfect in something? It could refer to objectives such as striving to achieve straight A's in school and full marks in all assessments and exams, aiming to reduce plastic consumption for every product you use every day, wanting to come in first place for every competition you enter, and so forth. I did. Many times. I didn't know what that feeling was called until earlier this year, it is called the Perfection Paralysis. I had times when I was so harsh to myself and told myself to give up because I felt as though I was rubbish at things because I couldn't achieve 100% in a myriad of things, such as coming first in art competitions for instance.

"Perhaps it is our imperfections that make us so perfect for one another" - Jane Austen

"We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." - Anne-Marie Bonneau

Yesterday, as I was walking along the way to get to my partner's place, I saw a girl in her teens, all dressed up in sparkles and beautiful dance costume, crying in her mother's arms. I could immediately assume that she didn't win the competition that she took part in, and seeing her react in this way, made me feel empathetic for her since I understood what this was like from similar personal experiences in the past.

The world could be really cruel and only shine the limelight on those who came first in competitions and exams, or those who were, I guess, lucky to achieve something 'spectacular' that not a lot of people could pursue. I blame the media for this. We need to change this perception and start focussing on congratulating more people, yet in fact everyone, for doing their best to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Putting in effort to work towards something that you really enjoy doing, is considered something worth being proud of, and indicates that you actually put in thought and motivation to work towards the passion of yours. All those hours and effort you spent on dedicating yourself on this project of yours, always means something purposeful and you should never forget that. It doesn't matter who wins or comes first according to the judges in the competition, but what really matters the most, is you having done your best, which actually makes you the champion. Follow your goals and passion, and never give up.


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